Lubda ltd co.


The End Of The Highway Tajoura
Near To Al Rahma Clinic.
P.O Box 128 tripoli
Contact person: KAMAL ABUZGAIA

Tel: + 218 21 7145259
Fax: + 218 21 4650152
Cell: + 218 91 3608384 - + 218 91 2101109 - + 218 91 2180054


Lubda, also known as Leptis, was a prominent Roman city located 130 Km east of Tripoli, Libya. It is one of the most spectacular and unspoiled Roman sites in the Mediterranean. The company has chosen this name because it reflects artistic design, beauty and uniqueness. These unique characters are meant to describe the foundations of our business and the experience which customers will enjoy with their products and services. Lubda Co is known for its extensive choices of quality brands of bathroom products ranging from washbasin, bath and showers to furniture and fixtures, tiles, and construction products. The company has been serving the market for over 15 years. Through all those years the company knew being among the first in the market alone would not make its business superior and so its goal has always been to earn the trust of their customers through honest dealings.

Why Lubda:

What sets their business apart from others is their ability to provide high quality products, offer competitive pricing, and deliver outstanding and comprehensive service.

A. Quality Products:

Lubda is their access to top quality products from leading European manufactures. they are an exclusive authorized dealer and distributor for a range of well-known manufactures; Hans Grohe and Aqua Life just to name a few.

B. Competitive Pricing:

The long partnership with the manufactures and our purchasing power allow them to negotiate better prices and pass the savings to their customers.

C. Outstanding Customer Service:

Lubda understands that long-term customer satisfaction depends on their ability to maintain honest dealings before, during, and after the sale coupled with delivering outstanding services. No matter what the size of the sale is, their professional team is here to help clients.

D. Comprehensive Solutions:

Involving a professional designer in the remodeling project truly is an added asset. A designer can save clients’ time and money because all the details have been determined before the remodeling starts. Lubda wants customers to take worry out of the purchasing process and so they’ve made our company a one-stop experience. They’ve have partnered with group of skillful interior designers and architects, who have built an excellent reputation remodeling fine homes and condominiums throughout country, who can work with you on clients’ remodeling project. They also offer installation by their professionally trained team who provide exceptional attention to detail, a passion for perfection and an unfailing promise of satisfaction.

E. Warranty:

Their products are backed up by manufacture warranty. Lubda wants potential clients’ to buy with confidence knowing that they will support them if there is a problem with the merchandise.

Lubda company offers a wide selection of brand products including:
Hansgrohe, Axor, Samo, Aqua life, Mosaico +, Colombo Design Spa, Valsir, Treesee, area, Kerasan, Keramag, Emil ceramic, and Etrvsca

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