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About Company

GKC’s history goes back to the second decade of the past century, when the founder the late Georges Nicolas El Khoury in his teen age days, started as a simple contractor. He learned to read and write the Arabic language in the village school.

Since he started working it was obvious that god had given him an exceptional and courageous character.

In 1927, he established in the city of Aley a business with his brother Anis. They traded in wheat and cereals, and also represented the company socory vacuum that later become Mobil oil. There was a manual pump put outside the shop and they sold kerosene.

During this period he met the late Albert Pharon, who really impressed him and they became very good friends until his death.

Mr. Pharon suggested that Georges Khoury establishes a company in Beirut to deal with construction materials.

And in 1937 the company was established in Beirut under the name of Georges Khoury & Co. with Georges Khoury as a general partner and the company Roufael Pharon & sons as limited partners.

In the sixties after the death of all the sons of Rouphael Pharon, the children decided to withdraw from the company and its name was left as it was.

Work started in Beirut with the import of reinforcing bars, black & white cement and nails.

In the fifties the company established a branch in Damascus, Syria. In addition to construction materials it distributed the brands of the Pharon companies like Frigidaire fridges, Magic Chef electric and gas ovens.

Due to the economic regulations in Syria a branch was established in Latakia when imports were not allowed if not through Syrian ports.

After the withdrawal of the partners, the company continued to work in construction materials and added sanitary articles to its line of operations.

During the Lebanese war a decision was made to stop their operation in construction materials and to concentrate the work in sanitary ware, heating, and later air-condition.

Now the second generation of the sons of the founder Habib and Adib are managing the company. Armed with the seven decades of history and experience including a civil war and the company is continuously thriving for new ideas and opportunities, searching for more added values for their clients. In doing so, GKC would have fulfilled its founder’s legacy and lived up to his name.

What GKC does

  • Supply its clients with the broadest possibility of products present in the market under one organization that deals with sanitary ware, heating, plumbing, tools and tiles.
  • Inform its clients on the product and advise them, if needed, on its installation
  • Give some of its products a guarantee
  • After sale service for mechanical and electro-mechanical products in its workshop
  • Install under floor heating and wall cooling
  • Give designs and built drawings for its installed contracts
  • Produce P.V.C. high quality pipes
  • Air Conditioning
  • Distribute, manage and control electricity in Aley - Souk el Gharb
  • General and mechanical contracting in Syria and Iraq, its affiliated companies in the region

Our Brands