Al-Turouss Building Services Ltd.
P.O.Box 82711
Al Hadapa Al Kadara Street
in front of the green Hospital
Phone / Fax : +218 (21) 4908227

Al-Turouss Company for building and facilities services, it is a leading company in electrical engineering and supply of electrical equipment , interior and exterior lighting as well as the supply of plumbing tools for 15 years.

In the beginning, the company's management started work in the federal republic of Germany under two companies:

  • Ageli electric company
  • Bar company for export and contribute to the supply

In the last two years, the company's management begins its work from Libya and registered in the chamber of industry under number 9908.

Design and Implementation of electrical household and industrial

We have the experience in the field of electrical construction, industrial and household as well as the design in the same field. Engineers and specialists can provide you with guidance and technical advice during the construction phase or in maintenance stage of the used property .Electrical Installations run out by German standards and specifications

Supervision of electrical household and industrial

According to the German specifications and standards, we supervise electric technical projects on the major or minor as well as in terms of style and method of implementation and the materials used into line with modern international standards.

Technical electrical Services

In case of any technical problem, our technical staff ready on call around the clock and are equipped with the latest equipment and devices. Our services have rapid technical with German specifications.

Design and supply of internal and external Lighting

An impact on human life, in addition, proper lighting gives the pleasant atmosphere in the home and office. Internal and external lighting is by the difference in quality and specification. Engineers' specialists study full status of the place in order to determine the quality and color lighting as well as appropriate for the place.

Inquiries and technical guidance

The most important priorities is the comfort of our customers and to answer all their queries. Engineers have expertise in plumbing and electrical construction, according to German standards and specifications .and to answer all their queries .Engineers have expertise in plumbing and electrical construction, according to German standards and specifications .

Design and supply of materials and plumbing systems

We are a company specialized in the supply of plumbing materials from Germany and the largest global companies in terms of quality and specifications. We also designed bathroom fittings to fit with the appropriate Decoration. We can design or fit antique bathroom and it can be converted to a modern bathroom without any loss of architectural.

Our Brands