Al-Mahfadi &Abo-Miskah Co.,Ltd.


TEL: +967 1 224766/222529
FAX: +967 1 237321
MOBILE: +967 770771771


In order to keep up with the development and prosperity witnessed by Yemeni trading in the trade sector which serve agriculture and as a result of wise governments care to support and raise the standard of national trade, Al-Mahfadi & Abo-Miskah company was established in Sana'a in 1980 after a gentlemen's agreement between Mr. Al-Mahfadi and Mr. Abo-Miskah. They had been working separately until then in the same industry since 1955. The company started its activity in the beginning of the year 1980 by importing and distributing agricultural machineries such as pumps, trucks, engines, generating sets and all of its related equipments. All the materials have always been chosen to satisfy the requirements of farmers in terms of quality and price. The merchandise is provided on time after the specification is made through the company's different branches.

The company's policy is to import and distribute high quality products from the leading European companies and to be conform to their required specifications. Nowadays the company represents the following brands as their authorized distributor:

  • Hansgrohe Ag
  • Iveco Aifo S.P.A
  • Rovatti Pompe S.P.A
  • Nocchi Pompe (A Sta-Rite Trade Mark)
  • Motoren Farbik Hatz Gmbh Co. Kg
  • E-Tech S.R.L - Italy
  • G.P.M (German Pumps And Motors)
  • Caravel S.R.L
  • Biraghi S.R.L
  • Gruppo Tre S S.P.A
  • Astral Pool - Italy
  • St Rubinetterie S.R.L
  • Ceramique De France
  • Azulejera La Plana, S.A
  • Simas S.R.L
  • Duravit Ag

Our Brands